Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions Answered

We accept cash and cheque payment. 50% downpayment and 50% full-payment after delivery.

We offer various steel cabinets such as:
File Compactor – Mechanical Type
File Compactor – Manual Type
Hanging Cabinet
Storage Cabinet With Sliding Door
Storage Cabinet With Swing Door
Firefighting Equipment Cabinet
Mobile Pedestal Cabinet – 2 drawers
Mobile Pedestal – 3 Drawers
Vertical Cabinet – 2 Drawers
Vertical Cabinet – 3 Drawers
Vertical Cabinet – 4 Drawers
Metal key cabinet – 1000 keys
Metal key cabinet – 20 keys
Metal key cabinet – 200 keys
Metal key cabinet – 30 keys
Metal Key Cabinet – 50 keys
Metal key cabinet – 500 keys
Steel Lockers – 12 Openings
Steel Lockers – 20 Openings
Steel Lockers – 6 Openings
Steel Racks
*We also fabricate and customize base on your requirements

For damaged orders, please message our viber at +639228985260. You will be asked to send a picture and/or video of the item.

The production takes 15-30 working days, after quality check, the products that has been ordered will be delivered the day after or if it is done on an earlier time, the customer will be informed by the office if its deemed so.

Yes, but it depends if our accredited logistics caters the location of the customer or if the customer will be shouldering the shipping fees.

The shipping fee is normally free within Metro Manila with a minimum order of 40,000php. But it will depend on the location of the customer. For more details contact +639228985260

Since we do have different types of mechanics or materials used in our products, we do not repair products that were bought from other companies/suppliers.

We have a labor and transportation fee of that will depend on the repair that we will do. We will then send you a quote for whatever parts and labor are necessary to fix your steel cabinet. Once you approve the added charges, we will complete the advanced repair. If your item is still under warranty and the problem was caused by us, it will serve as a free service otherwise a minimal fee will be asked.


The repair is upon arrangement. But it is typically 1 (one) day only. Occasionally, a delay in receiving parts can affect your repair time.

Space Maximizer Inc. is a steel furniture manufacturing company engaged in the fabrication of quality steel products and customized units of made-to-order steel furniture and other items.